Michael Mizrahi

Mr Mizrahi is a serial entrepreneur and a visionary whose goal is to transform Jerusalem into one of the leading 20 cities in the world for startups and entrepreneurs. He helps fulfil this goal as a member of the board of the nonprofit organization MadeInJLM and Director of the Startup accelerator AtoBe, which operates as part of the Azrieli College of Engineering. MadeInJLM identifies future innovators and provides them the platform to contribute, connect, mentor and create. What is unique about AtoBe is that its main and only focus is engineering and technology. It provides innovators with state of the art equipment that enables them to work wonders. Mr Mizrahi is also one of the driving forces behind three programs that are funded by the EU Tempus and Erasmus Plus programs. One of those projects is MMATENG, whose objective is to improve BA and MA programs in Material Engineering in cooperation with universities in Israel, Russia and Ukraine. It is also supported by a number of Israeli universities and universities in Germany, France and Poland.

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