iRis Phone

iResTech Ltd is a Cypriot startup with a focus on innovative assistive technology products. It was formed in the spring of 2015 and they are currently working on the development of the IrisPhone, their first product that they expect to launch in the coming year. The company’s primary principles revolve around positive social impact and innovative solutions that aim to enhance and ease people’s lifestyles, especially for marginalized sections of the population.


The IrisPhone is an exciting re-introduction to the way we can interact with the smartphone, as it has an intuitive communication interface, where no menus, no buttons and no touchscreen pressing is necessary for the smartphone to operate. It is aimed primarily at the elderly and people with physical disabilities, a market that is rapidly growing alongside our ageing societies. IrisPhone’s overarching goal is to minimise the digital divide, allowing older users to enjoy and use the same functions and benefits as younger generations, in order to enhance and ease people’s lifestyles.  It is a multipurpose communication device, that has communicative, health and safety, entertainment and home control functions.

  • Communication

    Placing calls has never been easier! No need to remember any numbers or speed dials, with your favourite contacts always easily accessible.Short video messages can be just as easily sent and received, and text messages are audibly played back to the user. Loudspeaker mode is automatically employed if the phone is away from the user’s ear.

  • House Control

    Smart home integration and the internet of things will be a huge part of our lives in the coming years, and we plan for the IrisPhone to integrate with these devices for their remote and easy operation.Some of the features will include temperature and air quality monitoring and remote door, window and light operation.

  • Entertainment

    The IrisPhone allows the easy playback of video or audio playlists, both locally and online. These playlists can be updated and customized by authorized family members or carers through a website or the companion app.Photo albums, just as easily accessible, can also be remotely updated and customized according to preferences. More features will be added in the future to reflect what our users are asking for.

  • Safety

    Manual and automatic emergency notification systems are customizable procedures that send messages with information about the emergency, and call multiple pre-selected contacts until someone responds. It sends messages again when the procedure has ended.The automatic triggers depend on  environment and health sensors; some are pre-included, and others, embedded in a wearable device, will be optional.







January 2014
Participation in Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition
January 2014
Enrolment to Cyric Innovation Program
January 2015
FIWARE Impact 2 nd Open Call, EUCall Fundraising
January 2015
Entering Microsoft BizSpark Program
January 2015
Patent Placement – January 2015
January 2015
Ethical Approval for Patent placement by the National Bioethics committee
January 2015
Application (Granted) for SME Instrument Phase 1 H2020 Call
November 2016
Web Summit Lisbon Attendance and Exhibition
December 2016
Slush Attendance and Exhibition Helsinki



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