At Gravity Ventures we aim at collecting brilliant ideas, establishing and growing start-ups to help them enter international markets and thrive in an ever-competitive business environment.

Why we do it?

We do it because we believe in the development of great ideas and we love working with talented and aspiring entrepreneurs. But mostly, we want to support people who want to make the difference and fight every day to make their dreams come true. Gravity was created through the vast experience and expertise of its founder, the Cyprus Research and Innovation Centre (CyRIC). CyRIC, as the certified Cyprus Business Innovation Centre (EU|BIC) provides high quality standards to Gravity, in terms of excellence in technical and business services. The philosophy behind Gravity was the creation of an ecosystem which will foster collaboration over competition, all the while providing detailed and specialised support.

In 2016, start-ups participating in the European Start-up Monitor had already raised around € 2 billion in external capital, showing significant growth. However, although, 90% of start-ups state that they are satisfied and they have a positive feeling towards the current business environment, they are still facing major challenges such as sales and/or customer acquisition, product development and growth, including raising capital.

Gravity Ventures offers tailor made support to tackle those challenges!

Brilliant ideas and start-ups now have a place to develop and grow!

Our incubator offerings blend together various services and amenities to support the development and growth of start-ups, including a state-of-the-art working space which is built to provide IT, electronics and Prototyping infrastructure. Advisory and mentoring sessions are also available and are structured based on a “learning by doing” entrepreneurial mindset.

Moreover, our offerings extend in providing early stage pre-seed funding to help our aspiring entrepreneurs grow. Therefore, we continue providing assistance through business development services, further fund raising, and commercialization. Our team aims at building long lasting relations with our startups and continue to work with them beyond their incubation period.

Our service offerings include: Idea Validation, Business Modelling, Mentoring, Testing, Pitching, Commercialization, Value Proposition Development, Product Design, Prototyping, Intellectual Property Rights and Funding.

Join the most exciting start-up community in Cyprus!

Gravity is launching its first round of applications this October for individuals and start-ups with a great idea and/or product. We will review your application and take a decision within the next 2 months.

Our team is here to assist you and guide you at info@gravity.ventures and at the phone numbers 22-282828, 22-282890.

Apply Today and become part of the most exciting Cyprus startup community!





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