We are delighted to announce that CyRIC will host an event in Gravity Ventures  due to the progress of ENCASE project in order to raise awareness and discuss about Enhancing security and privacy in the social web: a user-centered approach for the protection of minors.

Dr Elias Athanasopoulos will give a presentation in how “Many platforms aim at protecting their users from on-line threats. One key component of their effort is focused on authentication. How can you make your users more secure against password theft? So far, many proposals have been considered. One of the most promising is two-factor authentication (2FA), which significantly raises the bar against attackers that want to break conventional authentication. In this talk we will discuss 2FA from the user’s perspective. Do users consider 2FA usable enough?”

The presentation will be followed with a Q&A session.

All ENCASE partners are invited.

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