A few words about us; answering to questions you might have about our origin and what fuels our passion.


It all started when we established Cy.R.I.C back in 2012. A new-born company bringing multiple success stories across the island and overseas. CyRIC was founded in order to gain a solid presence as a Technology oriented company in the eastern Mediterranean. Since then, CyRIC is serving a wide spectrum of customers involved in the technology sector by delivering high quality and innovative services.

CyRIC was ranked no.1 company in Cyprus in 2014 (European Research Ranking) and a National Champion in the European Business Awards for the year 2015-2016.

These consecutive successes have justified CyRICs’ operative perspective and our overall philosophy in supporting research, innovation and entrepreneurship. These three keystones are embedded into CyRIC’s DNA and are also essential foundations in order to establish and identify ourselves as key players in the Cypriot tech scene.  During this time, CyRIC has achieved another important milestone which is important not only on an organizational level but also on a national level. Since February 2016, CyRIC is the Cypriot representative of the European Business Network as the Cypriot Business Innovation Centre (BIC). This recognition, is a huge milestone for the Cypriot scene, since it certifies that CyRIC is an organization approved from esteemed institutions and organizations with top quality standards in research, innovation and entrepreneurship.

During the last two years of our operations we have decided to strengthen our involvement in the start-up Cypriot scene. All this long, we have had interaction with young and passionate entrepreneurs, scientists and other start up enthusiasts from across the island. We have sponsored multiple competitions (Start-up Academy, Microsoft Innovation Challenge and Founder Institute Cyprus Chapter among others). The outcome of this intense interaction was to help us develop an understanding around the Cypriot scene and identify specific weaknesses what we could contribute, especially during the implementation phase. We have also identified some ideas that fall under our interest and invested in them. Our investment was not only financial. We’ve always wanted to become partners for the long haul, in this entrepreneurial journey, from the beginning till the end. We’ve established and co-founded the company with the founders, we ‘ve supported them financially, technically and used our experience and network in order to build fully functional prototypes in order to seek for investors. These cooperation has lead us to the decision to widen the spectrum of our investments since it proved successful and efficient.

In this effort, we’ve found MTN as a partner. A well-known, multinational telecommunication company. MTN has had an active presence since the very beginning of the Cypriot start-up ecosystem organizing open coffees and innovation challenges.


Establishing Gravity, will equip us with the panoply to tackle efficiently issues that every aspiring entrepreneur faces on a daily basis. We call ourselves ‘venture builders’ and our purpose is to guide every individual entrepreneur in this journey of excitement, full of experiences and knowledge. We are not consultants, we aim to be co-founders, which is a totally different thing. Our experience, philosophy and expertise has proven that we have the capacity to create successful and meaningful businesses.

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