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Gravity is a new generation venture building incubator aiming to attract aspiring entrepreneurs driven by ambition and passion. Gravity’s vision is to nurture entrepreneurs and help them build their products and elevate their startups.
Our programme has been developed to be flexible and adjustable towards wrapping around the needs of any startup. We do not have fixed curriculum neither stereotypes on how a business shall be developed. Each startup is stripped-down independently together with its founders and the most suited support and development process is defined.
The maximum duration of the programme is 24 months but each startup will stay within the programme as long as it is required. Our aim is each startup to find its own way towards further development and success as soon as possible.

Guide towards a successful application
  • Our application process is open all year long. All the applications are evaluated as they are placed.
  • The selected teams will be invited at Gravity Premises for a pitch deck presentation. Presentation will last 5 minutes followed by a 10-minute Q&A by our evaluation committee. (Please see our Pitch Deck Guide for optimizing your presentation)
  • Our Evaluation team will select the teams that will enter the Gravity Programme based on the criteria mentioned in our “How to Apply Successfully Guide”.
  • The selected teams will be called-in for a meeting with the Gravity team to discuss the enrollment and agreement terms.
  • If an agreement is reached the Gravity team together with the startup founders will define the exact product and business development and deployment strategy.
  • The teams that will enroll the Gravity Programme will receive a pre-seed funding, access to working space and technical   infrastructure for the whole duration of their stay, mentoring from our resident and guest mentors as well as the opportunity to travel and participate to a number of international startup events, i.e. Websummit, Slush etc.
  • The type of your contract and the duration that you will be under the Gravity programme will depend on the type of your idea, the physis of your business and the time to develop and commercialize your product. Three different scenarios can be applied, 12-month, 18-month and 24-month duration respectively.
    • If your company is software based, eventually a 12-month or an 18-month contract would be more suitable for your case.
    • If you are a hardware based company, you will typically need more time to develop and commercialize their products thus a 24-month contract would be under consideration.
    • of course each case will be examined individually and everything is under discussion for mutual benefit.
  • We have regular office hours year round for startups who want to visit us and talk to us about their ideas and business. You are always welcome to our events as well.
  • During the Incubation period, we do our best to network our startups and offer them unique and viable experiences by inviting investors to pitch to in our premises in our organized events.
  • Gravity is a never ending journey for you. We continue to give advice and make introductions through the Gravity Club hub, a community of like-minded aspiring entrepreneurs and investors that exchange ideas and collaborate.

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