The first step is always the hardest. We all know people who have great business ideas, whose passion revolves around finding solutions for identified needs. Still, only a handful of them actually choose to dive in and try entrepreneurship. Most of the time, it is easy to see that these talented individuals don’t take the step due to potential lack of information or “entrepreneurial horror stories”. However, the truth is that, if you take the necessary steps before making a leap, and arm yourself with knowledge, you will be prepared to face the challenges ahead and learn from them.

To help you kickstart your start-up smoothly, we’ve summarized some valuable tips to help you lighten the burden of the first years in business.

Start point: “The idea “

Ideas are crucial and their validation and development are key to success! It is important that you spend time validating your idea and making a market research to identify your competition. Thousands of products/services are developed at a very fast pace, so, you need to be specific, break down your idea and identify its real value for your future customers. Then, you will need to validate your service/product by seeking feedback. This process will allow you, to develop a unique service/product that people will want and will be willing to pay for!

Connect with your start-up ecosystem

Since you have decided to become member of the entrepreneurial ecosystem of your community, your next step is to connect with your peers!  Participation in local events and workshops. engaging with other entrepreneurs and networking with stakeholders are some of the activities you should put on your agenda. You will have the opportunity to share your business goals, learn from others’ experiences and promote your solution(s).

Your Digital Marketing Matters

The digital era, provides various ways to make your company known in a much easier way and to a greater number of audiences. Most businesses, especially early stage, need to invest in marketing to grow their user base and increase their sales. But, in order to do so, founders should learn the basics, such as search engine optimization (SEO), blogging methods and techniques, and how to establish their presence on the web using innovative techniques.

Success doesn’t happen overnight

Most studies on entrepreneurship share the same finding which states that, establishing a successful business can take up to three years. In addition, most entrepreneurs claim that they spend these years facing continuous challenges and tests, which ultimately leads them to greater awareness and preparedness. To succeed you need to motivate yourself constantly by having a clear image of your goals, be determined and patient. Success doesn’t come overnight, but when it comes the feeling of satisfaction will be overwhelming!

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