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“We invite you to a state-of-the-art working environment and an entrepreneurial community in order to build, invest and grow disruptive early stage startups with founders driven by purpose and passion.”


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Our Story

We love working with aspiring entrepreneurs and start-ups, build new ventures and help them grow and blossom. We are a next generation venture building incubator that fosters and propels innovation through constant interaction, empowering founders to make real impact and create the world of tomorrow. At Gravity, we have a new approach to building startups from early-stage to a mature venture, blending entrepreneurs’ and our ideas and a strong sharing network capable of unifying a vast array of resources in the most effective way. And, with our Gravity Club, we provide the community with a home, where you can drop in, make use of our snazzy location, mingle in our lounge, brainstorm your next idea or just join one of our evening events.


We provide state-of-the-art working space, IT, technology and prototyping infrastructure, advisory, mentoring and a structured “learning by doing” entrepreneurial curriculum to help aspiring entrepreneurs get started and develop their business.


We provide early stage pre-seed funding; a combination of cash, facilities and services to help our startups get started. Our target is to get our founders to the stage where they will be ready for their seed funding round. Seed round is also an option offered by Gravity and its founding members or from our network of private investors.


What makes Gravity unique is that we continue to work with our startups beyond their incubation period, helping them with business development, further fund raising and commercialization. Generally startups need approximately 3 years to get established as a sustainable and profitable company so our philosophy and commitment is to remain by their side for the long-haul to help them grow and become successful.

Our Incubator Offerings

idea@2x Idea Validation
business-modelling@2x Business Modelling


value-proposition-wh@2x Value Proposition

product-design@2x Product Design


Idea Validation

Create products that people love by validating your idea first. We will help you break down your idea and identify its real value and resonance on your future customers. The validation process includes the development of The Vision Tree which is the most important element in shaping, defining & communicating any idea that founders bring to the table. It articulates value and meaning in customer language on a single page.

Business Modelling

We provide you with the practical tools to help you understand customers, design better value propositions, and find the right business model using the Business Model Canvas. A strategic management and entrepreneurial tool that we use to visually help you to describe, design, challenge, invent, and pivot your business model.



Over the years, we have learned the hard way that shaping technological products is not easy. In order to deliver high quality products that are fully functional and meet all the specifications and needs, specific and targeted testing methods and evaluations need to be carried out. Our experience is the field and the access to high- tech laboratories gives us the ability to deliver any product fully tested and certified under EU and International Standards.


Pitching is an art, and we help you cultivate it. You need to be able to communicate your story, your journey, your startup in a way that transmits your passion and knowledge to your audience who might be your next customer or investor.


Products in the making rarely have any actual value, at least not until it reaches the market. It is also very usual that entrepreneurs concentrate on the development of their product and suppress the go-to-market strategy and action plan. We will work with you in defining your targeted market segments, the distribution and sales channels and develop the required partnerships towards an effective commercialization of your product/service.
Partnerships with corporations with extensive marketing experience direct access to market like MTN ensure the effective and successful commercial development of your business.

value-proposition-wh@2x Value Proposition

We use the Value Proposition Design to simplify complex ideas into quickly readable illustrations with only the most practical, important details. Employees learn more, in less time, and have fun along the way.

Product Design

Your idea needs to transform to an actual product that works properly and delivers an engaging user experience . Here we design and develop all the building blocks of your product having in mind always aesthetics, design functionality and user experience. Gravity team shares extensive knowledge and experience in product design and development build by providing product design and prototyping services to SMEs and esteem organizations all over Europe and Cyprus.


Your product needs to be tested. Is it working properly? Is it easy to use? Does it solve the problem it was supposed to? Not only us but potential customers need to get it in their hands or see it on their screens and use it in order to validate it and provide feedback so as to be able to optimize it and get it ready for the real market. Moreover, private investors have moved to further investment rounds seeking less risky investments, thus a prototype is the minimum requirement in order to reach them.
We will offer you all the expertise of our team in prototype design and development as well as access to state-of-the-art prototyping infrastructure in order to prepare your prototype and get it out there to users to test it.


This is your hard work and we need to protect it. Intellectual Property is an asset which creates value for your company. Innovation diagnostics and intellectual property services like patent writing is an activity that we’ve been very successful in over the years. We share this knowledge and expertise with you.


Every startup requires funding. Office space, IT infrastructure, Payroll, Product Development, Marketing etc. are all crucial for a startup to develop and all require money. We will offer you pre-seed funding in return for equity which will be a combination of cash, facilities, and in-kind services in order to help you start and develop your business.
Moreover, at any stage of the incubation period should further investment be required for your startup, Gravity and its founding members will be there to support you. Funding avenues will be investigated (Grants, Private Investment from Gravity partners etc.)

State-of-the-art working space

Designed with an inspiring centric orientation, Gravity provides state of the art technology within a creative modern infrastructure that enables entrepreneurs to launch meaningful and enduring technology companies.

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Gravity Club

At Gravity Club we are committed to you through hosted workshops, events and structured mentoring.
Whether you are incubated at our location, a member or just subscribed to our monthly newsletter,
our goal is to make sure all our members share, explore, collaborate and learn in an environment that is fun and engaging.



Stage 1


Blossom Further


We are by your side to help you grow and become successful. We do this by continuing to support you through your business development, relationship building and networking. We provide you access to our network of corporate organisations and sector experts to assist you further develop your product and business as well as to access the market.



Stage 2


Financial Growth


Gravity founding members, partners and network of investors continue to be by your side making sure that you maximise your chances for further funding rounds or access the market and start generating revenue and profits.

At Gravity Club we make it easier and affordable to attending our structured events and workshops through our annual subscription.
We offer you:

Learning By Doing
Practice Sessions

A word from our existing start-ups

“Gravity offered me expert technical and scientific knowledge and the required infrastructure to develop my product as well as all the resources I needed to be able to work uninterrupted in developing my business”

Andreas Charalambous

(Co-Founder & CEO of Capsule Skateboards)

A word from our existing start-ups

“Gravity offers the best Research & Development Services and support in Cyprus and we are extremely lucky to have been taken under their wings.”

Polys Chysouliotis

(Co-Founder of IRESTech)

A word from our existing start-ups

“Gravity has given us the tools and expertise, not only to keep developing our product, but also to stay within our Cypriot ecosystem,making us believe in a brighter future for all Cypriot startups.”


Markos Demetriou

(Co-Founder of IRESTech)

A word from our existing start-ups

“The true authenticity of Cyric is driven top down and matched by the genuine team spirit, work ethic in an a fun and engaging working environment.”

(Co-Founder of Pitch60)

Our mentors

Gravity provides founders with hands-on guidance and support through our mentors who work tirelessly on your behalf during the entire program and beyond.

Gravity gives founders hands-on guidance and support throughout the entire program and beyond.

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